Concrete Stamps Increase Curb Appeal

Stamped concrete is an economical way to achieve a luxurious, custom look. Replicating the look of labor intensive and expensive brick, cobblestone, slate, field stone and other high end pavers, concrete stamps are an easy way to increase the curb appeal and value of your home. The patterns and shapes available in concrete stamps allow you to customize the look you want and save you time and money over other paving solutions.

This is a very popular stamp. Click on the picture for more choices.

Concrete is a highly customizable material as it can be colored, textured, shaped and imprinted. This malleability gives concrete an advantage over other materials such as stone in customization options. Concrete stamps allow you to imprint any pattern you want from a natural stone look to an innovative design of your own.

Using concrete stamps is a detail oriented procedure. The stamps are made to fit a certain way and once you begin stamping, you must finish. Concrete is a quick hardening material that is unforgiving with mistakes, so work must be done quickly and efficiently. Before it can be used, you must mix the concrete. Concrete is very heavy and can be hard to mix properly with a portable mixer so it is best to have it delivered unless the amount to be used is very small.

Getting the right ratio of water to concrete is essential to prevent scaling and color wash out. Once properly mixed, concrete must be poured and leveled properly onto a prepared base of two to four inches of sub base material. When you are building your forms where concrete is going to be poured be sure that you build in some slope to prevent puddling or standing water. Usually, you want one side, or the middle for a larger slab, to be 1” higher for every 10’ of distance. This is imperceptible to the eye but it will allow the water to run off and keep the slab dryer.

After the concrete is poured into the forms (also called molds by some people), the stamp is applied. Applying the interlocking stamp properly is critical as you cannot go back over the lines if the texture is off or lines are not placed correctly.

Concrete stamps are often used in driveways, but there are numerous applications that are perfect for their use. Walkways and sidewalks, pool decks, patios, sun rooms and mud rooms are perfect spaces for easy to clean and care for concrete flooring and concrete stamps can customize them to compliment the look of your home. Concrete stamps can also be used on kitchen counter tops and as a way to enhance walls or fireplaces. The uses for concrete stamps are only as limited as your imagination.

Utilizing concrete is a great way to customize the look of your driveway, pool deck or other surface. With the variety of options available in color, texture, shape, pattern and placement concrete stamps provide an easy way to upgrade your home and create a look you will love. Concrete is a low maintenance, easy care material that can withstand any weather conditions and heavy traffic making the initial cost of installation virtually the only cost associated with it. Consult your local home improvement center to get ideas and information on using concrete stamps. Ask for referrals for concrete installers and look online to read reviews for concrete contractors in your area. You will love the value and curb appeal you add to your home when you use concrete stamps.

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