Concrete Paint

If you’ve been thinking of improving the appearance of your concrete floor with paint, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll discuss the types of concrete paint starting with interior vs. exterior. Then we’ll go into more detail about the types of paint within each category. By the end of this article you’ll have a better understanding of the types of concrete floor paint available and which will likely be the best for your unique situation.

Interior vs Exterior

There is a definite difference between indoor and outdoor applications. Outdoor surfaces will require an exterior concrete paint that can hold up to the weather and increased moisture. Indoor paint will have different characteristics as it does not need to be weather proof but instead needs to be suitable for indoor applications. For example, a concrete paint sealer may leave a high shine which may be fine on an outdoor patio but you may not be going for that look in the basement. Outdoor concrete paint will typically be weather-resistant but be sure to read the label as not all products are created equal.

Latex Concrete Paint

For indoor applications, a water-based paint made from latex may be just the ticket. It’s extremely easy to work with and goes on well particularly if the concrete is newer. Clean up is also very easy with a latex based paint because you can simply rinse your brushes and rollers under running water. Latex paint is not as durable as other types of concrete and also is not moisture proof so it may not be the best solution in the basement or in areas where water is a concern. Of all the available concrete floor paint, latex is the least expensive.

Epoxy Concrete Sealer

If you’re looking for an extremely durable concrete paint sealer then an epoxy product is your best bet. Epoxy is extremely hard when dried and can hold up to high traffic and regular wear. Be aware though that epoxy can be slippery after it’s dried unless you purchase a non-skid additive that you mix in prior to application. Epoxy is also substantially more expensive than latex paint, but it does last longer.

Preparing to Paint

Regardless of the type of paint you decide to go with there are a few things you should do before painting. First, make sure that your concrete is clean. Start with a thorough sweeping. Then mop using vinegar. Let the floor dry for 48 hours before painting to ensure that the concrete is completely dry. If the floor has been treated in the past, it may be necessary to strip the concrete sealant before applying a new product.

All concrete paints should be applied with plenty of ventilation. Epoxy will require the most ventilation so be sure to have open windows and use a fan.

If you’re looking for a durable concrete paint and don’t mind a more labor intensive application process, epoxy is probably the right choice. However, if you’re looking to paint an area where ventilation is an issue or where you don’t want to have a lengthy clean up process, latex might be a good solution. Regardless of the type of paint you choose your floor will look better and may last longer with the right concrete paint.

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