Concrete Flooring – A Decorator’s Guide

If you have an unfinished concrete floor – whether it’s in your basement, garage or even your outdoor patio – you should know that there is a great deal that can be done to improve its appearance. One of the easiest projects which will allow you to get the biggest band for your buck is to apply concrete floor paint.  In this article we’ll discuss some of the benefits of concrete floors, we’ll give you a few ideas of how to improve the appearance of your concrete, and finally we’ll tell you what kind of sealer to use and why. With this information you’ll be ready to take the next steps in improving the look of your concrete flooring.

Benefits of Concrete Flooring

Concrete is one of the best building materials around. As a flooring material it is virtually indestructible. It cannot warp, mold, buckle, break or pull up. It’s impervious to water, easy to clean and can withstand more pressure than any other flooring type. It’s no wonder that polished, stained and etched concrete floors are becoming very popular in primary living areas.

How to Improve the Look of Your Concrete Floor

The first step is to take a look online or at a specialty flooring store to determine what kind of look you’re going for. There are so many options out there that it is important in the planning stage to know exactly what you want. Are you looking to polish your concrete floor? Etching is also a popular technique. Depending on where your concrete floor is you may wish to paint it – there is a good selection of colors available and you can even add additives that create a sparkle effect which is particularly popular in garage applications. You can also create some amazing looks with concrete floor stains which impart color and even patterns to match any décor.

Concrete Floor Sealer

Concrete floor sealant can be used as a standalone product or as a finishing treatment after you paint, etch or polish your concrete. If you are concerned about a moisture problem in your garage or basement a sealant may be all you need. Alternatively, once you polish, stain or etch your floor

Types of Concrete Sealers

There are two main types of concrete sealers – penetrating sealers and film-forming sealers. Penetrating sealers have a chemical reaction with the structure of the concrete to protect against moisture and chemicals. One of their characteristics is that they protect without changing the appearance of the concrete. This type of sealer is usually used in exterior situations.

The other type are film-forming sealers which are the kind that are most often used in decorative applications and they create a protective film on the top of the concrete surface. Most of them also create a gloss that can highlight the beauty of the concrete. Within the film-forming category there are three subcategories: acrylics, polyurethanes and epoxies.


Reclaim unused space in your home by finishing your concrete floors. You can bring new life to basements, garages and patios with just a little research and some elbow grease. Do some investigation to determine what kind of concrete floor look you’re going for. Use a concrete floor sealer to protect the finished floor – or just to prevent moisture from seeping through the concrete. Once the floor is finished you’ll be amazed at what a difference a finished floor can make.

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