Concrete Floor Stains: Many Benefits, Endless Options

Concrete staining is becoming increasingly popular for good reason. It is an option for indoor or outdoor use. For years, concrete has been regarded as a very durable material. The abundance of choices for concrete floor stains enables anyone to choose a method and color to suit their needs.

Concrete is an incredibly durable surface, certain to outlast all other flooring options. Always popular for outdoor areas, concrete is becoming a commonly used indoor material. Many homeowners are opting for this surface in rooms throughout their homes. It is especially popular in kitchens and eating areas. Restaurants are choosing it for their kitchens as well.

The smooth surface is easy to keep clean. It can be swept and mopped with water when necessary. Unlike carpet, there are no fibers for dust mites or other allergens to collect in. This is a great health benefit for those who suffer from allergies. It is more scratch resistant when compared to wood and tile flooring.

The design options are endless, allowing each project to be unique. Any color can be used, from earthy browns to bright blues. Different methods and types of stains can be employed to give varying levels of color saturation. The multitude of possibilities makes it easy to match any decor. There are currently three types of stains used for coloring concrete.

Acid-based stains are the most durable and the longest lasting type available. These have been used for many years. The hydrochloric acid chemically reacts with the lime present in the concrete. It penetrates the material to color it all the way through. The coloring process is reliant on the chemical reaction, so a certain level of control is lost. The color is generally not uniform, instead resulting in a mottled natural stone appearance. This process results in a rich color that will not chip or flake away. Because the color penetrates the concrete, acid-based stains are not prone to fading. These stains are limited to earth tones.

Solvent based stains work in a way similar to wood stains, taking advantage of the porous nature of concrete. The stains are absorbed by the concrete. The color seeps into the top layer. It is long lasting, but not as permanent as acid-based stains. Solvent based stains can be mixed to any color and controlled to achieve the exact shade desired.

Environmental awareness has spawned a new category of water based and acrylic stains. These eco-friendly dyes are non-toxic. They are safer to work with than acid-based stains because they do not produce a chemical reaction. They are offered in a great range of colors, including eye-catching metallics. Like the solvent based stains, these can be controlled during the dye process to produce an exact color, ranging from opaque to translucent.

Staining concrete can breathe new life into an old slab serving as a garage floor or an outdated back porch. It is also a great option for indoor projects, from residential kitchens to commercial uses. The long lasting concrete will serve many years as a beautiful surface.

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  1. ” They are safer to work with than acid-based stains because they do not produce a chemical reaction.” Safety is very important.

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