Concrete Floor Crack Repair

How to Achieve Concrete Floor Crack Repair

Many homeowners ignore the importance of concrete floor repair. However, by doing so, they risk damaging not only their homes but also their health. With their homes, the concern lies in whether or not the crack reaches into the foundation. And as far as their health… well, if a crack remains unattended, mold, bacteria and other undesirable organisms will grow within the opening. You will not be able to get rid of these organisms because basement cracks are extremely narrow. They cannot accommodate standard cleaning equipment, whether you are using a steamer or a vacuum. The only viable solution involves patching up the crack.

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To patch up a basement floor crack, you have two options. The first involves placing hydraulic cement over it. Aesthetically, this method creates a more “blended” fill, as the cement’s coloring better matches the existing concrete. The application is also easier, as all you really have to do is pour the mixed cement over the area, (after it is thoroughly cleaned). But in exchange for this convenience, you will suffer the same problems a few months down the road. If the patched area gets wet, the cement will release salt as the water begins to evaporate. Over time, this build up of salt ruins the chemical structure of the cement, which reopens the crack. This is why many in the business of concrete repair prefer the second option for patching: using an epoxy or polyurea compound to fill in the opening.

Epoxy and polyurea are unique substances that turn into solids after being cured. However, unlike cement or concrete, their structure does not change after being exposed to water. They can also endure more stress than cement. This is especially the case with polyurea, which is generally more expensive than epoxy.

In any case, for the purposes of concrete floor crack repair, consider purchasing ready-made epoxy or polyurea compounds. They are usually distributed in DIY kits. There are no concerns over mixing, and the containers can easily be inserted into a double caulking gun. Just keep in mind that the amount of epoxy or polyurea may not be as great in a quick start solution. If this is an issue, you may have to work from scratch, where you would mix the compounds on your own.

Anyway, once you have acquired your epoxy or polyurea solution, the process of application would involve the following:

1. Diamond grind the crack. Vacuum up as much as you can in and around the opening.

2. Use a double caulking gun to apply the compound.

3. Pour silica sand over the area to help absorb any excess.

4. Use a trowel to wipe away the sand.

5. Apply the compound again, along with more sand.

6. Clean away the second application of sand, and wait for the compound to solidify.

7. Scrap off the edges of the filled in crack, to make it more level with the existing concrete.

8. Paint over the area to completely eliminate the crack line.

So, there you have it…the basic steps to achieving concrete floor crack repair. As you can see the process is not very difficult, even if you are a beginning handyman. With that said, do not let your cracks get out of control. Use these methods to fix your cracks before they progress into something worse.

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