Choosing The Best Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

If you are a new homeowner or just someone looking to spruce up their garage, epoxy garage floor coatings give a solid, colorful protective layer against weather and tire treads that can keep for decades or longer. An epoxy based garage floor coating boasts the highest durability and longest lasting coating capacity of all major types of coverings for concrete floors. The epoxy chemical gives a coating nearly three times as strong as most other finishes available at home improvement store. This type of coating can be used on garages along with basements, patios, and other concrete floors without staining or long term harm. Check local stores for availability, or check directly from a manufacturer’s web sites.

Epoxy itself is merely a chemical compound known as a cycloaliphatic, a high stress gloss that is harder and more durable than concrete. As such, it is a simple and practical filler for cement holes or patching. Epoxy is called a “100% solids” solution, meaning that when applied and then left to dry, there are no stains or material chunks left over to tarnish a perfectly smooth floor. Some models have only thirty or fifty percent solids, meaning that they leave chunks of the sealer as it dries, and that a customer would have to be two or three times as much product to get an equal result. Epoxy usually only needs one gallon to treat and cover an area up to five hundred square feet, although industrial sized drums (five to ten gallons) can also be purchased wholesale.

Many home improvement stores — such as Home Depot or Lowe’s — carry epoxy brands in various sizes and prices ranging from two hundred to five hundred dollars. The smallest package is only a half kit, and can only cover two hundred fifty feet, but is the coverage needed for a simple one car garage with three basecoat colors. The full kit, at five hundred dollars, comes with Clear Coat finish for a beautiful and durable glaze on the floor coat that can be painted or further buffered. Although the three base colors — beige, taupe, and gray — are available standard, the epoxy coating can have many different colored chips added to give different hues and colors.

Unlike substandard coating models, the epoxy floor covering does not chip or flake and will not have to be replaced or repainted every year or two. Instead, the strength of the formula can leave a garage floor in mint condition for a decade or more depending on weather and traffic. Indeed, the coating can be purchased in specific color options — called “flake options” due to the concentration of tiny paint flakes — that last as long as the sealer does. These flake options have a dozen colors ranging from deep magenta to pine green. If you’re thinking of painting the garage interior, the flake options allow you to customize nearly any design you desire.

Epoxy garage floor coating is the strongest material on the market. If you need to finish or remodel your garage, check local availability and consider how much and what design would be ideal for your needs.

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