Choosing A Garage Floor Paint

Whether you keep your cars in the garage or it is more of a hangout like the Man Cave, you want it to look nice. Just because it is a garage does not mean you should allow it to be dingy and dirty. There are a lot of decorating ideas that work well in a garage.  Choosing a garage floor paint should be one of your first focuses. You want to choose a non-slip garage floor paint that is going to work well in the garage and be functional but also look nice. There may be other design ideas you want to incorporate as well but the floor is one of the most major design elements.

Types Of Garage Floor Paint

The three main types of paint to choose from are as follows: polyurethane, epoxy, and latex. There are pros and cons of each which are important to consider.

The polyurethane paint is one of the more affordable options. The great thing about this type of paint is that there are so many different patterns and styles to choose from. You can make any floor of your garage look like a checkerboard or cover it in a coin pattern design. This adds detail and depth to the floor. You can also add paint chips for more color and for better footing when the floor gets wet.

Then there is the latex paint, which is also often used. The exterior latex paint can be used because it is so durable and easy to maintain. There is a lot of wear and tear in the garage from people and vehicles moving through all the time. These paints are specifically designed to handle the high traffic and are heavier so they cover surfaces better than some other paint types.

This paint is a good choice because it can be safer than other ones. Because the paint goes on so much thicker, you can add a lot of nonslip additives so you do not have to worry about people slipping. Even when the surface is made wet by people or vehicle tires coming in from the rain or snow there are usually no slippage issues. You do not want your garage to be an unsafe place so safety issues are important to consider.  Yet another benefit with the exterior latex paints is that they are mildew-proof. Garages  are often damp and this helps prevent the development of any mold or mildew.

Epoxy tends to come in as the most expensive of the three. It gives a showroom finish to the floor and helps protect the floor longer. It is also extremely easy to clean so it is not going to be a pain to constantly wipe up and clean all the time. As the most widely applied type of paint and in particular in garages, epoxy paint is a wise choice. Adding nonslip materials is paramount with this paint because it creates such a hard, slick finish.

Bubbles can form when applying epoxy paint if the surface is not completely cleaned and dried before applying the garage floor coating. You should not have to repaint your floor for at least four to five years.

Choosing a good garage floor paint should not be an overwhelming task. These are the three main paint types and those worth looking more into.

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