Garage Floor Paint Choices

Many times, when a homeowner considers the numerous renovation projects that are associated with maintaining a property, he or she does not give much thought to the garage floor of the home. However, this can be a big mistake when one considers the amount of time that most homeowners spend in the garage, and the myriad of functions for which it is used. Garages are typically used to park cars, store lawn mowers and other equipment, and additionally, they provide a suitable workspace in which to complete a wide variety of projects. This means that choosing the appropriate garage floor paint epoxy is an important consideration. It will not only prevent the floor from being ruined by grease, oil, and other liquid stains, but will also extend the floor’s life and improve the appearance and value of the home. Garage floors are typically made from concrete, which means one must be a bit choosy with regard to the garage floor paint he or she selects.

In order to achieve a satisfactory outcome to this project, one must adequately prepare the floor to be painted. This involves removing anything on the surface of the floor that does not belong, such as oil or grease residue, dirt, and other foreign objects. Cleaning procedures are a key element with regard to ensuring that the paint will bond properly to the floor’s surface.

Paint Option Considerations

It is also essential to choose the most appropriate garage floor paint. One should limit his or her choice to floor paints that are specifically intended for use on garage floors. Many homeowners have made the mistake of thinking they can cut corners with regard to price, by acquiring other types of paint for use on garage floors. However, this almost always results in extra time and money being spent to redo the job. Epoxy and Acrylic are the only paints that will provide long term satisfactory results when used on a garage floor. Latex is the easiest to use, as it does not usually need etching, and all that is necessary to get started is a clean floor. However, latex requires a minimum of two coats, and more often than not, does not wear well. Acrylic is a better choice as far as longevity is concerned, however, primer, as well as a sealing coat is usually needed.

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy floor paint is by far tougher and more durable than the aforementioned options, and it provides identical moisture control. However, as with all paints, it should be used only on an appropriately cleaned floor, and it requires acid etching, as well. Additionally, one must take care to mix the paint well with the resin and hardener. Epoxy flooring also allows one to add paint chips in order to achieve an ideal finish. These chips provide a two-tone hue, which is not only attractive, but provides excellent traction should the floor become wet. To ensure a satisfactory outcome, a homeowner should consider choosing Epoxy for his or her garage floor project.

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