Cedar Garage Doors

One of the most beautiful natural woods is cedar. There are many varieties of cedar including Western Red Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar, White Cedar and incense cedar. The most popular building cedar is Western Red Cedar which generally comes from the temperate rain forests of the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and Alaska. This wood is very high in natural oils and thus is extremely rot resistant.
Cedar garage doors are used because of their ability to withstand abuse and rot and also because of their light weight. The wood structure is still strong even though when dried it is lighter than many other woods. Cedar tends to grow with a very straight grain structure and thus will not tend to warp, buckle, or cup which also makes it a great wood to make doors out of.
The Native Americans in the regions where cedar grows naturally used it for many things. The bark tends to be very stringy and thus can be wove to make hats, coats, and mats which were waterproof. When you are talking about a rain fall amount of over 100 inches a year any clothing that was water proof was popular. Cedar is also very easy to split into boards because of its straight grain structure and thus houses and boats could be constructed. Also, the massive Totem poles popular with the inhabitants of the North Eastern Pacific coast lines were usually constructed of cedar because of the ease with which it could be worked, it lightness, and the longevity of the wood due to the natural oils.
Care Of Cedar Wood Garage Doors
Although cedar is a very long lasting wood with natural protective oils it still should be protected from the environment in order to get the longest life and best look possible. It is possible to paint cedar as long as you use a good quality sealer first. If you don’t then the natural oils in the wood will cause the paint to peel off. A latex paint works well if the wood is well sealed before hand.
But why would anyone take this beautiful wood and cover it up? Cedar lends itself very well to staining whether a dark stain or very light one. Also, an oil can be used to keep the wood its natural color. It is important to protect the wood or you will end up with a dark gray color. This is popular in beach homes where cedar shingles are used but it really is not appealing in a suburban home.
If you do have a gray tinge to your cedar you can use a fine grit sand paper like a 120 or 150 and sand with the grain of the wood. Keep sanding until you get down to the natural reddish color. If you happen to scratch the wood you can use a lighter grit paper to take the scratches out. Once you have removed the grayed wood you can then either stain the cedar or use a clear coat to protect it from further weathering.

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