Cedar Flooring Tips

One of the easiest ways to add value to your home or even spruce up a boring room is to add cedar flooring. Not only will cedar flooring give your house a whole new look, there are numerous health benefits from installing this type of floor. Unlike carpet, cedar flooring will not attract dust mites nor will it trap allergens in the fibers like carpet does. So with all of these benefits it is no wonder that more people are opting for cedar flooring than other before. The challenge is installing the flooring inside a finished home.

Cedar Flooring

Beautiful Cedar Flooring

Getting rid of the old flooring is the first step in installing cedar flooring, but what lays underneath the old flooring might surprise you. In most older homes you will find an old hardwood floor underneath the carpet, if that is the case you can simply have the floor refinished rather than installing a new floor. In other homes you might be caught by surprise when you rip up the old carpet to discover a concrete sub-floor. Luckily, if you do find a concrete sub-floor you can easily install a plywood sub-floor on top of it so you can install the new flooring.

When you begin installing your cedar flooring you will want to keep it about ½ inch away from any existing walls. The reasons for this is that over time the floor is going to contract and expand due to the fluctuating temperature and humidity. If there is no gap left between the existing wall and the wood you can end up damaging the wall, the wood, or even both. And after spending hours installing your floor just right, the last thing you want is something messing it up.

When you purchase the cedar boards for your new floor you can choose from tongue and groove flooring or regular cedar flooring. The difference between the two types of cedar flooring is the tongue and groove fit together like puzzle pieces and the nails are hidden along the sides of the flooring strips instead of being driven through the face. Regular flooring requires the use of finish nails, which the 8d bright ones are highly recommended. When using finishing nails you want to make sure you drive the nail head down below the surface of the floor which will help to hide the head. Drive them in far enough so that they adhere to the plywood sub-floor below to prevent any type of movement.

Whether you are using tongue and groove flooring or regular wood flooring you are going to have some boards that don’t fit properly. If the boards are too long, which is the most common problem hardwood installers face, you simply have to cut the board down to the right size. However, cutting the boards is not as easy as it sounds. When cutting the boards you do not want to use just any kind of saw, hand saws a re a bad idea. In order to get the perfect cut you will want to use a circular saw, so make sure you have access to one before you start installing your new flooring.

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  1. Cedar flooring is beautiful. Where do you recommend shopping for it?

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