Can You Use Epoxy On A Driveway

This is a question that comes up a lot and there are two main factor that come into play when this question is answered. There is no doubt that an epoxy floor coating is going to work very well in the situations in which it was meant to be used. But, if you try to apply this type of floor covering where it is not intended to be used then you will have results that you are not very happy about at all.
The first question to ask yourself is what your driveway is constructed of. If you have an asphalt driveway, also called black top or tarmac, then you can quickly throw the idea of using an epoxy based product out the window. These materials are based on a petroleum binder, that means the asphalt from crude oil is used to stick the gravel together and form a hard slab that allows the water to run off. This petroleum oil will cause the epoxy to not stick to the aggregate (gravel) that is in the driveway. You best bet if you have this type of driveway is to reseal it periodically with an asphalt emulsion sealer or coal tar. The new emulsion sealers, which means the oil is suspended in a water base, are easy to use and apply.
If instead you have a concrete driveway then you are closer to a good decision but you still will have a problem with epoxy. The Ultra violet rays of the Sun will cause the epoxy to cloud up and degrade and you will actually get a white chalky material forming on the surface. This is very ugly and will not give you the results that you are looking for. The epoxy will apply to the concrete surface and as long as the surface has been prepared properly with a thorough cleaning, degreasing, and etching then you will have a good bond. But, most people do not like the results that occur from the UV rays.
For an outside, concrete surface that will have heavy traffic, you best bet is going to be a poly urethane product. It is very tough like and epoxy but it is protected from attack by the Sun. As it cures it will be very slick when wet so be sure you add an anti slip material to the top of the rolled out poly urea before it skins over. This will give you a great looking driveway that will also be safe for people to walk on.

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