Can You Use An Epoxy Floor Coating On Wood

I received this comment and I wanted to cover it for the person who left the question as well as anyone who may be wondering if it is possible to apply an epoxy coating on wood surfaces.

Has anyone ever tried using the epoxy floor paints for garages, on wooden shed floors? I recently built a new ‘portable’ shed, which I will use as a garage for my mowers, etc, but will on occasion put my classic car in it to protect from bad storms, or to work on it. I would like to treat the wooden floor before doing any maintenance, or parking anything that could leak fuel or oils onto the floor. The floor system is ‘dry ply’ 3/4″ plywood, over 2 x 8 joists, 16″ on center, and that all resides on four 4×6 skids, that rest on concrete pads like a mobile home trailer.

This is a question that comes up a lot because many people want the strength and beauty of an epoxy floor coating on their wood floor.

Using Epoxies On Wood

Epoxies are actually very useful as coatings for wood. They have been used for decades on wooden boat hulls. This is usually accomplished by using one of two methods. The first is to build a boat out of wood, or start with one that is already built, and then apply the epoxy to the exposed wood surfaces. As long as the wood is sound the epoxy coating will seal the boat and last a long time.

The other method involves building a wooden frame and covering it with plywood that is not water proof. Epoxy and fiberglass fibers are then used to build the hull over the wood. Usually several coats of mesh and resin are applied to the outside with the top layers being straight epoxy. This gives a very strong hull that is completely water tight. The fiberglass mesh actually works as the majority of the strength for the epoxy coating.

So as you can see epoxy can definitely be used over wood. There are a few things to remember though as you do this project. The number one concern is that the wood is completely dry. Epoxy will not stick if moisture is present. Also, be sure your shed is closed up to the elements very well. If you develop a water leak which causes the plywood to become wet or moist then you are most likely going to have de-bonding problems.

Tips For Coating A Wood Floor With Epoxy

When you get ready to apply your epoxy floor coating on the wood floor be sure that you don’t try to mix too much at a time. You should only do enough resin and hardener to roll out about a 6 foot square at a time. If you make too big of a batch then it can actually start to set up in the mixing pail. This happened to me one time. My epoxy mixture started to set before I could get it all spread out and I ended up with clumps of epoxy. This was a real pain.

Also, for a floor application you will get a better coating surface if you roll the solution out instead of trying to brush it on. The epoxy coating will be smoother and it will look much better.

If you want to apply more than one coat then wait for the first coat to become tack free before applying the second. You can do this as soon as the surface cures if you don’t have to walk on the floor to apply the next coat. If you must get on the floor because it is too big, then wait 18 hours to be sure it cures enough to support your weight. If you wait longer than 48 hours then it is recommended that you do a light sanding and then clean the surface to get all the dust up.

This sounds like a great wooden shed you built. I built a 6 X 8 foot shed like this to use for my gardens shed and it has worked out well. I never thought about coating the floor with epoxy but I think I will try that as a protection from the garden materials. If you do decide to epoxy your floor please check back in with us and let us know how it went.

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