Building A Garage

Building A Garage – Things To Think About

I have always liked the old adage, “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” This is true in most things you do around the house but it can be especially expensive to jump right into a big building project without really knowing what all the affected parties want out of the garage space. By this I mean, both the husband and wife need to have input into the garage design ideas, garage plans, and the functionality of the space.
The first question to ask yourself and your significant other is what you plan to use the garage for. This may seem like a throw away question but it really isn’t. If you plan to use the garage as a place to restore that ’67 Mustang you have had your eye on and your wife plans to park her car inside so she doesn’t get wet in the rain, then you have a problem that needs to be addressed.
In this particular case you have two options. First, you can make the garage bigger to accommodate both of your desires, but this may not be an option if money is tight or if you are limited by the size of your lot or the building rules in your neighborhood. The second option is to compromise on the space that you will have. That means that one of you will most likely not get what you want. This conversation is very important to have before you get very far into the project so that you don’t have any expensive change orders once the contractors get to work.
Along with the conversation as to usage comes the thought of a work area in the garage space. Again, be sure you both understand what you are intending to use the space for. And also talk about how extensive the workshop will be. Are you talking about a small work bench that folds up against the wall when not in use? Or do you plan to have a large bench with a grinder, drill press, tool locker, and maybe a welder? If you want a harmonious home then these decisions need to be made right up front.
The next question, which may or may not be decided for you by the local garage building regulations, is whether you want an attached garage or a stand alone structure. Both have there pluses and minuses. The big plus for an attached garage, if you actually plan to park the car in there, is that you don’t have to go outside in the rain or snow in order to go from the car to the house. The main detractor is the dirt and grime that can be tracked in the house if repairs or projects are being done in the garage area. Also, if you plan to use the space for a work shop at least part of the time, then the noise could negatively affect the other members of your family.
For a stand alone garage, the biggest plus is really the opposite of the negatives for the attached model. The structure is away from the house so dirt and noise are not near as large a problem. The downside is if you park your car in here, unless you have a covered walkway, you will get wet walking to your house. Also, a structure that is build by itself will be more expensive and may not actually be allowed by your local building codes.
Of course there are all kinds of decisions to be made after these including the floor coating, the material, and the roofing. But if you can get the big questions out of the way then it will be much easier to come to agreement on these simple problems.

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