Asphalt Paint – Q & A

If you’re looking for some information about asphalt paint, then you’ll want to take a look at some of the following questions and answers. Specifically some of the questions answered will deal with the primary uses for asphalt paint, some of the benefits, and some of the safety precautions you might want to think about when you use this type of product.

Primary Uses
Q: What is the typical use of asphalt paint?
A: This product is typically used in an outdoor setting in order to protect a material by making it rustproof or waterproof. Things that you might want to use it for would include any exposed metal or wood surfaces, or as an asphalt coating for your driveway.

Q: What are the main types of materials that it can be used on?
A: One typical use is on metal structures that are likely to be exposed to water. It can also be used to seal concrete or asphalt driveways to protect against water damage during winter months.

Benefits of Asphalt Paint
Q: How does it work?
A: Asphalt paint is nearly completely impervious to water. This means that any surface it is used on will receive this protection from water.

Q: Can I use it as an asphalt sealant?
A: This is a very common and cost effective way to make basic repairs to an asphalt driveway or parking area. By simply applying some of the paint, it will quickly seal up minor cracks caused by previous weathering of the asphalt.

Q: Can it be used as driveway paint?
A: Yes, it can definitely be used in this way. Whether the driveway is asphalt or concrete, this is a good solution to weatherproof your driveway.

Q: What is the best way to handle application?
A: First, you need to carefully prepare the surface you’re going to treat. You want to first brush the area with a broom, then use a shop vac to clean up any remaining dust and particles. Finally take a water and vinegar solution to completely clean the area. If there is grease or oil you will want to apply a degreaser before you use the asphalt paint. When you’re ready for the paint itself, the typical way to apply it is to use a thin coat with a brush or roller. For best results, apply the paint in small sections.

Q: What should I do to clean up after applying the paint?
A: Cleaning up after applying this product is similar to cleaning up after any oil-based product. You’ll need to use a good mineral spirit to remove it. You’ll likely reserve this for cleaning yourself or clothes. It’s easier to simply use applicators such as brushes or rollers on a one time basis and then dispose of them.

Q: Do I need ventilation when working with this product?
A: Yes, ventilation is required when working with this product. You’ll want to avoid too long an exposure to the fumes, as they may make you feel lightheaded or ill.

Q: Is it flammable?
A: Yes, it is extremely flammable, so be sure to take precautions to prevent fire. It’s best not to work with this product around open flames. Also, generally speaking, it’s best not to apply the paint in an area that is exposed to extremely high heat.

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