Applying A Garage Floor Sealant

Using a garage floor sealant should be one of the first things you do when you move into a new house.  The basic concrete floor has two problems.  First, it will stain and chip if it is not protected which is the number one function of a floor sealant.  Also, it will be very slick if you happen to spill a little liquid on it while doing an oil change or repair on your car.  Many accidents are caused every year by some one slipping on a concrete floor which has a little oil or fluid on it and then a little rain water drips off the car.  Believe me, if your feet go out from underneath you there is no way that is a good situation as you can hit your head and even possibly cause brain damage.

A good garage floor sealer is going to be an epoxy based product because these are easy to apply and they are very tough and durable once the cure time has passed.  In addition, it is very easy to add a non-slip surface and you can even color it to match your house or your favorite car.

The first step to applying the garage concrete sealer is to get the floor clean and free of any oils or other products that can cause the garage floor sealer to not adhere.  This is a several step process but each step is very important.  First, broom off and debris and remove any loose concrete.  Often times you will have chips in the surface but the little chunk is only loose it has not fallen clear out.  You need to remove all of these because if not they will eventually cause a hole in the surface.  Next, use a good degreaser to remove any oils and other automobile fluids which may be present.  The concrete sealer will not stick to the surface of the floor if there is any remnants of petroleum based products.  You can check if the floor is completely clean by doing the water test.  Spray a thin sheet of water on the concrete if it beads up that means there is still more degreasing to do.  If it soaks in then you can move on to the next step.

Wash the surface with a good soap and water.  Dawn liquid detergent works well as it will not leave a residue.  Use a stiff bristle brush and some elbow grease to really clean everything.  Finally, you need to etch the surface in order for the concrete floor sealer to have an even better chance of adhering and not lifting up.  The best way do to this is with a weak acid wash.  Make a 10% muriatic acid solution with water and apply it with a sprayer.  Be sure to cover the entire floor and then work it in with a clean broom.  Once you have applied it everywhere rinse it off with water.  You now need to let the floor dry over night.

The next step is to apply the epoxy garage floor sealing material.  Epoxies consist of two parts which are mixed together.  They are the resin and the hardener.  If you want to add color now is the time to do it, as you mix the two substances together, or you can spread paint chips on later.  Only mix a small batch at a time.  The cure time gives you about 10 minutes to work with the mixture before it starts to set up.  Mix up enough to do about a 10’ by 10’ area to start.  Also, before you start make sure you have enough to do the entire job.  I always buy an extra kit and them if I don’t need it I can return it for a refund.  You will want to use a nap roller to spread the epoxy out evenly.

Be sure to apply the epoxy as thick as it is recommended.  You may think it is too thick but when the garage floor sealant cures it will shrink and if it is too thin the surface will not stand up to abuse.  Also at this time you should spread out the anti-slip particles.  This is important as you don’t want your floor to be slick and cause an accident.

Once you are done you will realize that garage floor sealing is a great do-it-yourself project which is easily done in a weekend.  If you take care of it this surface should last for about 30 years.

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