Apartment Garages

If you live in an apartment then you are missing out on one of the most important aspects of owning a home. As far as I am concerned the garage in a home is one of the most important aspects. I don’t mean a messy place like the picture at the left shows, but a space where you can not only store your car but also do projects and just putter. If you have an enclosed garage then there are a great multitude of things you can do with your apartment garage to make it more user friendly and to give you the work space you need to get things done. For example, one of the best additions is a work bench that can be stored out of the way when you have to park your car inside at night. The easiest way to do this is to secure the back of the bench to one of the walls with heavy hinges that allow the bench to either fold up or fold down. If you want it to fold up to be out of the way then you can add two pulleys in the ceiling, be sure you secure the pulleys to the ceiling joists so that you don’t pull them loose. The best way to do this is to use an electronic stud finder. You can get these for less than $10 a lot of times and they work really well. You just move the finder along the surface you are looking for an anchor in and the tool shows you where they are. When you use lag screws to screw into these anchor spots then you can lift a lot of weight. What I do is lift the front of the bench up with ropes through the pulleys and then tie the ropes off. The bench is then out of the way until you need it again.
You can also build foldable legs at the front of the bench and then just fold them out of the way and let the bench down when you don’t want to use it any more that day. This is really quite a bit easier.
Another great addition to your apartment garage plans is storage units that will stand up against the wall and still offer you access to your car. It is best if these have doors on at least some of them so you can store your more important tools in this spot. It is even a plus if you can lock these cabinets. There are a lot of good, narrow cabinets and shelving units but be sure you secure them to the wall so they don’t accidentally fall over onto your car.
If you have an open garage, like a car port, then things change a lot. You are usually going to be stuck with just parking your car here and not having any sort of work area. You can still add a folding work bench though as most people aren’t going to take the time pull a work bench off the wall but you never know for sure. If you live in a safe neighborhood you could build or install some lockable cabinets but try to hide them or camouflage them if at all possible. There is no point in tempting anyone to see what you have stored. Also, don’t leave any of your expensive tools in here. Put them in the apartment.
Really, if you want a space to work in then do everything you can to get an enclosed apartment garage with a garage door. It really allow you to be more unique with your apartment garage floor plans and it is just a lot more safer.

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