Anti Slip Paint Choices

One of the most common accidents that occur in the home is a slip and fall type accident. A study by a leading Massachusetts Law Group found that there are over 8 million of these types of accidents in North America every year. Also, over half a million of these result in some sort of hospitalization and it is the main cause of reported accidents in places such as hotels, restaurants, and public building. Anti slip paint can go a long way toward making walking surfaces safer for all people but especially the elderly who are the most likely to suffer these types of debilitating accidents.

Anti Slip Paint

Anti Slip Paint Additive Just Add To Your Paint and Mix

The idea behind anti slip floor paint is really quite simple to understand. An additives is mixed in with the paint or stain product before it is applies or, once the coating has been rolled out the additive is cast over the top of the surface before it crusts over. For years the main additive for this was sea sand. It made sense because sand is gritty and thus made the surface very rough giving better traction. The problem is sea sand has a high salt content and this can cause problems with rusting. Now, an industrial grit is usually used and it is usually mixed in to latex, enamel, or acrylic paint before it is spread out. You can purchase packets of the anti slip paint additive and add it to your favorite paint.

Concrete Anti Slip Floor Paint

As with all painting products the main factor for a successful job is the preparation of the surface. Be sure it is clean and free form all oils. If you are painting a concrete surface then you most likely will want to apply an epoxy product that comes with an anti slip additive. The projects starts by brooming and then washing the floor with soap and water. Next, lift up any oil or grease stains with a de-greaser. You will then want to use a floor etcher in order to get the best long term results because this helps the epoxy product to bond to the concrete surface better. Be careful when using the etcher as it is a weak acid and can harm plants and animals. Rinse the etcher off with lots of water. Then you need to let the floor dry completely before going on to the actual painting on of the epoxy. Follow the directions and do about a 6 foot square area at a time so you are able to spread out the anti slip grit before the surface skims over.

Anti Slip Spray Paint
One of the most common areas for slips and falls in the home is the bathroom. Especially the tub and shower area. You can make your tub or enclosure much safer by using a spray on anti slip paint product. It is very easy to use and really not very expensive at all. Be sure to continually shake the can while you are using it in order to keep the additive mixed up in the paint. Also, it is a good idea to practice spraying on a surface you don’t care about before you try it on your tub or tiles. It is not difficult but you don’t want the paint to run or puddle because that really doesn’t look very good at all.
As with any paint the surface prep is very important. You problem here will be soap that may still be coating the area. Use a good household cleaner to be sure you have removed all the soap residue in order to help the paint to stick.

If I was going to do one project to make a house safer for my mother or father it would be to apply anti slip painting to the tub and shower area. Just think about it, if they fall hear the chances of hitting their head and causing a lot of physical harm is very real. Isn’t an afternoon project worth your family’s well being?

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