Anti Skid Paint – Protect Yourself Against Falls

If you have concrete flooring in your garage, you need to consider covering it with anti skid paint. Also known as non slip paint, this is a type of covering that uses a mixture of particles in the paint on a floor’s surface. In turn, a very rough surface is created, which gives the floor added friction. This makes falling more difficult, even if something spills like on the floor like engine oil or brake fluid. Of course, to realize such a benefit you must: 1) choose the right type of paint and 2) apply it correctly.

Anti Skid Aerosol Paint

Spray On Anti Skid Paint

There are several different paint products that can be used to give an anti skid coating to walkways and stairs even if they are not concrete based. If you have a very small area like stairs then using an aerosol paint makes a lot of sense. The Rust Oleum product to the right is a clear coat that offers good anti skip properties. Just click on the picture for a review and more information. This spray can quickly be applied to most any surface as long as it is clean and ready for paint.

Anti Skid Concrete Paint

For an anti skid floor paint application on concrete your best bet is going to be an epoxy product if the surface is indoors or a poly urethane if it is in sunlight. The UV rays from the sun can cause the epoxy to loose its color, cloud up, and develop a white, powdery surface. But in the garage it will work just fine. The main concern is that you prepare the concrete floor surface properly in order to for the coating to stick.

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Before you can apply even the best non skid paint, you must thoroughly clean your concrete floors. Start by sweeping off any dirt and debris and then using a floor soap will do the trick, followed by lots of water to rinse away any residue. This combination will get up the surface dirt. To get any stains you will need to use a de-greaser. Apply a coating of water on the stain, sprinkle on the de-greaser and then scrub hard. Spending more “elbow grease” here will pay big dividends down the road when your coating does not peel up. When your cleaning is finished, conduct a water bead test to ensure your concrete is free of stains. To do a bead test, simply spray a little bit of water on the surface. If the water soaks into the floor, it is ready for painting. If the water tends to bead up over certain spots then more de-greasing is required. But, if the entire floor shows beading then you have a clean coat applied and this will need to be removed. You can do this with a grinder but the chemical seal removers work better. Next, apply an etching agent such as Muriatic acid to roughen up the surface. Be sure to rinse it off as per the instructions but be careful about any run off that may occur as it can harm plants and pets.

After all your prep work, give the floor a day or two to dry out. You are now ready to apply the anti skid epoxy paint. If you are using an epoxy then it will tend to start to cure rather quickly so only mix up enough to do about a six by six foot area at a time. With a roller, paint over a small section of your floor and the spread on the anti skid material that comes in the kit or it can be bought separately. You will need to wait about 18 hours before walking on the surface so start at the back and move your way forward. Some brands may fully cure in as little as three days, but if you want to be on the safe side, you will want to give it a longer period of time, about a week, before you drive your car on the surface. Otherwise, the new coating will not set, and will end up being on you, your car or anything else it comes in contact with.

In conclusion, if you want to protect yourself from falls, you will have to apply anti skid paint to your concrete floors. Just make sure that this paint is of the right variety, as you do not want to worry about scratches in the future. Secondly, follow the instructions above to ensure that it is applied properly. Also, if the paint has additional instructions from the manufacturer, make sure you follow them as well. Depending on which kit you get, you may have to mix in the additives that make the paint anti skid.

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  1. “If you have concrete flooring in your garage, you need to consider covering it with anti skid paint.” I agree and especially you need to choose the right products for your concrete flooring.

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