Adding Color To Concrete With Outdoor Concrete Paint

Concrete is a durable material that most individuals use in some form around their home. Concrete driveways, patios, and pool decks can be changed from their neutral color tone by using outdoor concrete paint. With the right preparations and the correct type of paint, concrete can be transformed into a beautiful, colorful addition to any landscape.

The prep work required before painting is vital to the overall success and durability of the project. Freshly poured concrete must have at least 28 days to cure before applying any type of stain or paint. It is also important to clean the surface to eliminate any dirt, debris, oil, or other types of grime. Using a power washer or plain soap and water will work efficiently and any old paint must also be peeled away to ensure a flat, smooth surface. A cement sealer should then be applied before painting to prevent moisture from coming up through the concrete and causing the paint to peel or bubble.

Painting concrete can be a simple do it yourself project and is the least expensive option for coloring concrete. Staining, although a bit more durable, is a more expensive option; but yields the best results when done by a contractor or other concrete professional. Regardless of who does the work, the key to successfully painting an outdoor concrete surface is choosing the right type of paint for the job.
Outdoor Concrete Paint

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There are specific paints designed for exterior concrete surfaces and these can be found at most home improvement stores. Outdoor paint is designed to withstand the elements like sunlight, UV rays, and excessive water from rain. Latex, water based paint is the easiest to apply as well as the easiest to clean. It can be tinted in a variety of colors and applied to a concrete surface. However, this type of outdoor concrete paint will have to be redone every few years. It has a tendency to crack, peel, or loosen depending on the environment in which it is used. Applying a clear sealer over this paint will help extend its life and durability.

There are epoxy and polyurethane stain options available for concrete in addition to the basic latex paint. Epoxy is a very durable choice for heavy traffic areas but has a shiny, showroom finish that may not be cosmetically appealing for certain outdoor areas. This option is most commonly used for garage or basement floors. Polyurethane is a good option, but will be very slippery when it gets wets. This type of covering requires an additive before using on concrete to increase slip resistance.

Using a long handled paint roller is the common method for applying the outdoor concrete paint in a way that will not have any overspray. But, some individuals choose to use a power sprayer to complete the job. This is fine as long as the surrounding surfaces and plants are covered to prevent overspray damage. No matter which type of paint is used, it is imperative to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Preparing the surface, choosing the right paint, and sealing the surface will provide a lasting, beautiful concrete creation.

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