A Homeowner’s Guide to Epoxy Coatings

Concrete is becoming a popular flooring surface. No longer relegated to unfinished basements and garages, concrete is now taking the main stage in many homes. Whether in the living room and dining room, entry or main traffic areas, concrete is a beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly flooring option. In this article we’ll discuss a common finishing technique – concrete epoxy coating. Epoxy coatings are popular because they act as sealers as well as protecting your floor. Read on to get an overview about epoxy and how it can improve the life of your concrete floor.
What is an Epoxy Coating?
Epoxy is a combination of two polymers. One is an epoxy resin and the other is a polyamine hardener. Sometimes this combination is known as an epoxy resin coating because of the resin in the first part of the mixture. When these two materials are mixed you get a floor coating that is extremely hard, produces a clear finish, protects and seals concrete. It is naturally waterproof, resists dirt, is extremely long wearing and has a high polish finish.
Applying an Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating
By far, the most important part of putting down epoxy is the time you spend preparing your floor. First, sweep the floor as thoroughly as you can. Make sure to get up all loose dirt, concrete chips and debris. Using a shop vacuum after sweeping is usually a good idea to get the remaining dust particles. Next, use a degreaser to remove any oil. This is usually only needed when you’re prepping for an epoxy garage coating. Use water to determine if you’ve removed all the oil off the floor. Spray a bit of water on the floor and look to see if it beads up. If the water beads, keep going with the degreaser. Finally, mop the floor completely using half white vinegar and half water.
Some newer floors may have a sealant applied already. If this is the case, you may need to remove it. There are a few commercial chemical strippers available if this applies to you. Old concrete may have its own issues. Sometimes very old concrete will not take the epoxy and you must first give it an acid bath before you can apply the epoxy. You can find a concrete etching acid mixture at most home improvement stores.
After prepping the floor you need to make sure the floor is completely dry before you apply the epoxy. 24 hours is usually long enough to wait and you can use a space heater shorten the time before the floor is dry.
Once the floor is prepped and dry, start in the farthest corner with the epoxy. Make sure you’re working in a well ventilated area. Mix the epoxy and add a non-slip additive if you’re using one. Work in small sections – generally 5 or 6 feet square works well at a time. Work section by section until the whole floor is covered. Let it set for at least 24 hours before walking on it. If you’re using it in the garage wait several days before driving on it.
The Finished Product
Once the epoxy is applied and has had time to cure, you’ll find that your floor has an improved appearance. Additionally it will be easier to clean and will provide a non-slip surface. Take your time during the floor preparation stage and you’ll be happy with your floor for years to come.

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