A Floor Guide for Polished Concrete

There’s something really exciting about making the decision to build a new home, or do a significant remodel of your existing home. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to try and make all the different decisions that go along with that kind of project. If you’ve been thinking about what kind of flooring to go with in your project, you might want to consider using polished concrete. There are a number of remarkable things about polished concrete floors that you might not know. Take a look at the following topics to see if polished concrete might make sense for you.

The Simple Elegance of a Polished Concrete Floor
If you’re looking for a flooring solution for your home project that combines elegance and simplicity, then you definitely will want to look into polished concrete floors. When you think of concrete, if the only picture that comes to mind is the drab colorless material of a building foundation is all that you see, then you need to expand your picture. Today’s concrete for flooring comes in a wide range of different colors, and it is possible to add in a variety of different stone and other materials to make a polished concrete floor a thing of beauty. And the level of shine is also something that you can control to give a wide variety of finished to your floor.

Another simple and elegant way of using polished concrete that will also reduce costs on your new home project is to make the foundation a full slab that also functions as the floor. If this is something that might interest you, be sure to check with your designer or architect for feasibility in your area.

Go Green with Polished Concrete
Polished concrete flooring is a great way to conserve resources. Since it is made from stone and water, and there is not much in the way of manufacturing involved in making concrete, there is very little petroleum used in making it. And the floor will never wear out or need to be replaced. This means that old flooring is not going to be torn out and thrown into a landfill somewhere after it wears out. In the event that you or the person that inherits your floor decides that they want to go in a different direction, if the floor is torn out, it’s still just stone. There won’t be any detrimental effects of putting it back into the environment, or recycling it for another outdoor use, such as a garden walkway or retaining wall. Polished concrete floors are very green.

Combining Polished Concrete Floors with Etching
If you’re thinking that you want to have more options than just a shiny surface and color to work into your design goals, then polished concrete is still the way to go. In addition to being able to add color and other materials to the concrete, you can also add texture to your floor by adding a design that includes etched sections. This can be taken in many different directions such as creating a repeating pattern of smooth and textured sections, using the textured sections for borders, combining texture and color. The ways to combine these are limited only by the imagination.

Finally, polished concrete can be used not only for your flooring. You can combine it in other surfaces to compliment your flooring choice. Think about adding it to your countertops and accent furniture. Polished concrete will let your imagination run wild.

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