Here Are Some Tips For Sanding Wooden Floors Before Refinishing »

Whether you have just ripped up your old carpet or are looking to change the color of your wood floors sanding is something that you will have to do. Wooden floor sanding is…

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Best Blacktop Sealer »

Acrylic Blacktop Sealer

The term blacktop comes from the color of this ubiquitous surfacing material. The more common name is asphalt but…

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Asphalt Paint »

Check Out Asphalt Paints

When we talk about asphalt paint we can be discussing three distinct possibilities. The first of these are called…

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Garage Interiors You Would See in a Model Home »

soft garage floor tiles

Garage interiors are one of the main things that make model homes stand apart from regular ones. Unlike what…

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Garage Floor Treatment Guide »

garage floor treatment

One of the best things you can do to spiff up your garage, and also raise the property value…

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Welcome to My Site

Are you looking for up to date information on Garages, Floors, and Coatings? If so, this is the place you need to be.

This site came about one day because I was looking for the best coating to put on our deck. I just couldn’t find any good information that would help me to make a decision.

I was complaining about the lack of a good site and so my wife said to just do it my self. This is the result. A place where you can get unbiased answers and ask questions. I hope you find it useful.

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Garage Floor Finishes

Garage Floor Finishes And When To Choose Each »

There are three main ways you can finish a garage floor when a new concrete slab is poured. If the floor slab is already existing then your options go down…

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Why You Need To Consider Rubber Garage Floor Tiles »

tiles-blue car

Your garage is easily one of the places that you can be taken for granted for obvious reasons. This is because nothing…

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Garage Floor Systems »

garage floor systems

If you are a car buff at all, or you just like to do your own maintenance and oil changes, you spend…

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Garage Floor Refinishing »

Garage Floor Refinishing 101 Garage floor refinishing offers a better option for homeowners wanting to revitalize their concrete. It is easier and…

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Concrete Stamps Increase Curb Appeal »

This is a very popular stamp.  Click on the picture for more choices.

Stamped concrete is an economical way to achieve a luxurious, custom look. Replicating the look of labor intensive and expensive brick, cobblestone,…

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How To Paint A Concrete Floor »

I Have Good Luck With Epoxyshield, Click On The Picture

There are many reasons for painting concrete floors, but among the most popular are aesthetics and durability. A concrete floor that has…

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Garage Floor Painting Is An Easy Weekend Project » Garage Floor Stain » Garage Flooring Options For Concrete » Garage Floor Epoxy Reviews » Garage Floor Paint Coatings »
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Garage Carpet – A Revolutionary Design Concept »

Many homeowners are not aware of garage carpet, a revolutionary type of garage flooring that makes one’s garage just as comfortable as a living room or a bedroom. It also…

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